Q: Can we do our own birthday party at Apple Blossom Village?
A: No. Apple Blossom Village offers the best parties in town, and you don’t have to do a thing. You may bring a group of children, however, we do not allow you to bring presents, cake, or decorations, if you are not scheduled for a birthday party at Apple Blossom.

Q: Do you allow picnic lunches?
A: No. We do not allow outside food to be brought into/onto our facility. We do offer a full menu at Val’s Café at very reasonable prices.

Q: Do adults need to pay? And Why?
A: Adults only need to pay if they will be participating in the activities. Ex: The petting farm. If you are coming for just the Playplace, there is no charge, as the adults are not allowed in the Playplace.

Q: Are there age restrictions or height restrictions for the activities?
A: Yes. Children under the age of 12 may enter the Playplace. Children must be under 48 inches.

Q: At what age do you start charging for admission?

A: All children entering the Playplace will be charged. If they are too little to enter, they will not be charged, but will not be allowed to enter the Playplace or ride on the amusement rides. The petting farm is free for children under 2 years old. We will charge for 2 and over.

Q: Can children go to the petting farm without an adult?
A: No. A paying adult must accompany all children, under the age of 18, to the petting farm. Sorry, no exceptions.

Q: What type of oil is the food cooked in?
A: Our food is cooked in Vegetable oil. We do not use peanuts in any of our products. (Except on ice cream, if asked.)

Q: Can you purchase extra time at a birthday party?
A: Yes.  Parties are scheduled for strictly 2 hours.  If you would like to stay longer than the two hours, you must purchase additional playtime.  Please contact Apple Blossom for pricing on this.  (Extra playtime does not include additional room rental.  Rooms may be needed for another party.)

Q: My son/daughter is invited to a birthday party at Apple Blossom. Can I bring siblings? Is there a fee?
A: Yes. You may bring siblings to Apple Blossom. We are always open to the public, so you can always bring extra children. However, you will be responsible for paying for them. Please see a staff person when you arrive, and let them know you are here for a party, and they will give you your options.

Q: What types of animals do you have at your petting farm? And how does it work?

A: We have a variety of farm animals in our petting farm. There are horses, goats, sheep, llamas, cows, pigs, donkeys, and more. A trip to our petting farm is self‐led. You enter and feed the animals at your own risk. All animals are friendly, but please be considerate and use your best judgment. Example: If you stick your fingers in their mouth, they may bite.